Welcome to Technomarm

Our  company  having as a starting point  the love for marble and natural raw material, offer to the customer, designs of high aesthetics. It undertakes to create designing  alongside you “innovative constructions”.

Help to our successful  path  is engineering. The combination of material with technology together  with  year’s  experience. This marriage offers uniqueness in design, implementation in accuracy and an  aesthetic  journey  through time.

Each idea, each dream, your every thought feeds our  love for  creation , and provide us to care for innovative constructions and perfect result.

Welcome to Engineering , welcome to  ΤΕCHΝΟΜΑRΜ.



We imagine the first material
We suggest creatively
We manufacture accurately
We conclude with experience

Our inspiration

Stone, Light, Volume, color, transparency of material, simple lines that blend with the environment, aesthetics and history.


Conversion of the material through machnery to human luxury

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